The current Malaysian Green Market consists of:

  • Manufacturers producing green products.
  • Service providers offering green services.
  • Government agencies with sustainability KPIs.
  • Corporations who may not offer green products services but adopt sustainability practices within their operations.

There is a great disconnect where green businesses often operate in silo. Through the MyHIJAU Champion Programme, we bring together these ‘green industry players’ to help catalyze the green market and create benefits for everyone involved.

As part of the Push-Pull promotional campaign proposed earlier this year to increase registrations for the MyHIJAU Mark and Directory, it was proposed to recruit MyHIJAU Champion organizations to assist in spreading awareness and influencing industries to adopt the MyHIJAU Mark.

These MyHIJAU Champions are required to be:

  • Large, well-known companies with an already-established market presence and leadership in their respective industries
  • Demonstrating ongoing commitment to sustainability and greener business practices
  • Willing to champion the MyHIJAU message and vision, which is to see the green labelling industry become more highly-regulated, and better trusted among consumers and procurers


The long-term success of any business depends on the ability to move to sustainable practices and processes. Organisations that adopt sustainable procurement practices are able to not only cut down on life-cycle costs, but improve public perception, and attract environmentally-conscious customers and talent.

The MyHIJAU Champions program is designed to showcase and guide such organizations, under the distinctive and easily recognizable MyHIJAU brand. Participating organizations are private and governmental bodies who are making significant efforts to green their procurement approaches.

Under the program, MyHIJAU Champions make a public commitment to move towards better practice in:

  • Procuring green products and services.
  • Manufacturing green products / providing green services.

Green Procurers that are participating in the program will work closely with GreenTech Malaysia to develop a roadmap within their companies for improving procurement processes. Ultimately, these procurement processes should favour products and services that respect the environment. Advice and support are provided to procurers to achieve the goals of the roadmap, such as providing consultancy, connections to green vendors, and joint public relations initiatives.

Green Manufacturers / Distributors / Service Providers that are participating in the program must register for the MyHIJAU Mark and offer certified green products and services that are in-demand by a growing business market. Advice and support are provided to manufacturers/service providers to help them increase the visibility of their brand and reach new markets, such as providing consultancy, connections to businesses seeking to procure green products, and joint public relations initiatives.


  • Amplify your green message and efforts through partnership with GreenTech Catalyst.
  • Make your marketing Ringgit go further and generate unmeasurable brand mileage by leveraging our extensive promotion campaign
  • Build a positive sustainable public image through MyHijau platforms such as the MyHijau Pavilion @ IGEM 2016, business clinics, and training workshops that you can send representatives to speak.
  • Network with other industry giants and enjoy the support and publicity from GreenTech Catalyst through the MyHijau Directory.
  • Stand a better chance of being nominated for the prestigious GreenTech Malaysia Awards 2017.


Producers of Green Products and Services:

  • Have successfully registered for the MyHIJAU Mark.

Businesses That Adopt and Advocate Green Practices:

  • Have conducted/send for awareness cum training sessions on green procurement/practices for their employees. .
  • Have sustainability initiatives that impact any of the focus sectors: Waste, Water, Energy, Transport, and Building. .
  • Currently procuring an item or item(s) listed on the MyHIJAU Directory..
  • Have a documented roadmap for sustainability initiatives including green procurement targets, energy conservation, use of natural energy, and reduction of carbon emissions to contribute towards a low-carbon society..
  • Actively seeking to green the supply chain.