For a product and services to be qualified under MyHIJAU Mark, the product and services must be deemed to:
• Minimise the degradation of the environment, or reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
• Promote health and the improvement of the environment; and
• Conserve the use of energy, water and/or other forms of natural resources, or promote the use of renewable energy, or be able to recycle waste material resources.


Features Green Product Manufacturers or Suppliers
Eligibility Criteria for Applicant Business or company must be a Malaysian Registered Business or Malaysian Registered Company.
Authorised Malaysian distributor or reseller must have a Letter of Appointment/Authorization by the original product manufacturer.
Requirement for Products cialis price Must have existing Green Label Certification or Performance Standard Compliance report from an independent certification body that meets minimum standards recognized by GreenTech Malaysia

Type of Green Label Certification accepted:

Details on type of Green Label Certification:

1. Green Label Certification (ISO 14024 Type I Eco-Labels)
– Voluntary
– Third-party certification
– Multiple-criteria (based on life cycle considerations)

2. Green Label Certification (ISO 14025 Type III Eco-Labels)
– Voluntary
– Third-party certification
– Present quantified environmental information
– Primarily intended for business to business communication

3. Green Label Certification – Other Type-I Like VSS


Features Green Service Providers
Eligibility Criteria for Applicant Company must be a Malaysian Incorporated Company
Requirement for Service Providers Must be employing at least one manager/supervisor personnel with recognised professional qualifications; and
Must demonstrate green practices through written procedures or guidelines on environmental management

For more detailed information, please download the guidelines below:

Download MyHIJAU Mark Product Guidelines
Download MyHIJAU Mark Service Guidelines