A platform for procurers, government ministries, and members of the general public to find information about all green products and services that have been recognised under the MyHIJAU Mark.

This online platform can be accessible thru website; www.myhijau.my via online and mobile apps; MyHIJAU App which can be FREE download via both play stores. The link to download this apps is available at this website footer (right side).

This eBook is a FREE copy and can be downloaded by anyone for their reference or for their marketing tool. The link to download this eBook is available at this website footer (left side).

In the eBook, all the approved products and services are being sorted accordingly and labelled properly to give better view and information to the viewers as shown below:

Product Info Page


Service Info Page


  • This eBook will be as additional reference point for government green procurement officers and other potential client as it is a compilation list of green product and services.
  • Will serve the user when offline and will be generated every early of the month for user to use in order for them to get the latest compilation.
  • Will be handy for company’s promoter as it can be used as their marketing tool for their products or services when meeting their client offline.


In the eBook, we also provide advertisement spaces for companies to promote their MyHIJAU Mark recognised products / services as this we believe can add more value to the company to approach their prospect. For more details on this, please email to: Mr. Syamiullah at syamiullah@greentechmalaysia.my.