GREEN PRODUCT SCORING SYSTEM (GPSS) is developed in accordance with the government initiatives to promote and encourage the use of green products in the construction industry and constructing more sustainable buildings. The manual outlines part of Public Works Department initiatives in the government sector to promote sustainable construction in consideration on its impact to the environment The manual is prepared as such with the intention that it is user friendly, understandable and fitting for the local construction industry to develop and adopt green manufacturing process. The manual is a systematic and structured assessment method which can be utilised to consistently evaluate the content of green products that are used in a project. This system shall be used for new projects only. However for any upgrading/retrofitting projects. consideration shall only take into account all new components that are specified in the works.


Objectives of the GPSS

a. To measure and increase the number of green products used in a building and road works;
b. To educate and create awareness among the stake holders on environmental friendly products and services;
c. To encourage manufacturing industries to apply for Green Product Certification based on the current criteria by independent certification body.


The principles applied in the assessment are based on a number of criteria used and recognised in the construction industry worldwide. Quantitative assessment procedure has been adopted to obtain ratings and grading for the system being assessed. All products used in the project shall be listed in the Green Product Scoring Sheet and taken into consideration for the purpose of score calculation.


The GPSS puts emphasis on the following criteria:


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