MyHIJAU is an initiative by Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech Malaysia) to promote the sourcing and purchasing of green products and services in Malaysia. Its aim is to encourage the adoption of environmentally friendly practices in the country, while catalysing the growth of Malaysian’s green economy.

In tandem with the Malaysian Government’s green procurement policy and the proposed introduction of green technology tax incentives in 2015, MyHIJAU provides the essential guide for government and corporate green purchasing by registering certified products and approved service providers, through the MyHIJAU Mark and MyHIJAU Directory.


MyHIJAU Milestone

MyHIJAU will close the gap and connect stakeholders and supporting industries:

Manufacturers and providers if green products and services

Business looking for green solutions

Government green procurers

General public who want more information


  • Simple and clear way for consumers to distinguish genuine green products and services through the usage of a single, trusted logo, called the MyHIJAU Mark reference.
  • Comprehensive online platform for businesses to promote their green products and services to new markets.
  • A movement of Malaysians choosing to make smart, educated decisions about their shopping habits that will lead to a cleaner, greener future for all of us.
  • More companies seeking the proper environmental certification in order to reap the benefits of carrying the MyHIJAU Mark and being listed on the MyHIJAU Directory.


MyHIJAU is Malaysia’s official green labelling scheme endorsed by the Government of Malaysia (Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water), bringing together certified green products and services that meet local and international environmental standards under one single mark.

Promote and showcase your commitment to the environment. Build trust among your customers by carrying the MyHIJAU Mark.
Denoting compliance to global environmental standards, the MyHIJAU Mark is a consolidation of regional and international green certifications.


An online platform for procurers, government ministries, and members of the general public to find information about all green products and services that have been recognised under the MyHIJAU Mark.

This online platform can be accessible thru website; www.myhijau.my via online, mobile apps; MyHIJAU App which can be downloaded via both Play Stores and App Store and ebook; MyHIJAU eBook which can be downloaded via website Directory page.