“Jom Beli Produk Hijau” Campaign Has Been Launched!

Greetings from MyHIJAU!

Exciting news! This year marks the 10th anniversary of MyHIJAU, and we are thrilled to share the celebration with you.

To commemorate this special milestone, MyHIJAU has partnered with Shopee for the “JOM BELI PRODUK HIJAU” campaign, aimed at raising awareness about the MyHIJAU Mark Recognition Scheme and supporting local green products in Malaysia.

The campaign will be starting from 1st of September 2023 and targeted to be completed by end of October 2023.

Campaign Objectives

1. Partner with Shopee to provide B2C e-marketplace platform for certified green products

2. Increase awareness of MyHIJAU Mark Recognition Scheme to consumers

3. Enhance visibility of MyHIJAU Mark and other verified eco-label products to consumers

4. Assist local green companies to reach a wider market on the Shopee platform

5. Encourage the purchase of green products in Malaysia

Campaign Method

To achieve these objectives, MGTC will be providing rebate vouchers for selected MyHIJAU Mark and verified eco-label products targeted from Cleaning Products, Paint, Paper, Kitchenware/Tableware, Biomass Packaging Products (biodegradable dan compostable) on the Shopee Platform. In total 60,000 rebate vouchers will be distributed, and the participating local sellers will also enjoy FREE listings on Shopee.

Let’s join in for FREE & don’t miss this marketing opportunity!

Webinar Invitation

We cordially invite you to join our webinar scheduled for 24th August 2023, at 3.00 PM, through Microsoft Teams. During this webinar, we will brief about the campaign details and guide you to be part of the “Jom Beli Produk Hijau” Campaign.

Webinar Details:

Session 1:

Date: 24 August 2023 (Thursday)

Time: 3:00 PM

Platform: Microsoft Teams (the link will be provided prior to the event)

RSVP by 23 August 2023: Kindly confirm your attendance for the webinar by 24 August 2023 (Thursday) before 1 pm. (CLOSED)

Session 2:

Date: 28 August 2023 (Monday)

Time: 09:30 AM to 10.30 AM

Platform: Microsoft Teams (the link will be provided prior to the event)

RSVP by 25 August 2023: Kindly confirm your attendance for the webinar by 25 August 2023 (Friday) before 5.30 pm. (CLOSED)

Campaign Launching

“Jom Beli Produk Hijau” Campaign Launching in conjunction with COP 28 Climate Change Conference. Details of the event:

Date: 04 September 2023 (Monday)

Time: 03.00 pm – 05.00 pm

Venue: Hall Dewan Damar Sari, Aras 3,

Blok F8, Kompleks F Presint 1

Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan

62000 Putrajaya

Agenda: Enclosed

Key Highlights of the Event:

  • Introduction to the “Jom Beli Produk Hijau” Campaign
  • Exhibition of Certified Green Products
  • Networking Opportunities with Green Companies

To confirm your attendance, kindly follow the instructions below:

  • Click on this link to access the RSVP form: (CLOSED)
  • Fill out the required information and submit the form.
  • Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email with further details.

We anticipate your participation in this event and express our gratitude for your commitment to promoting a greener lifestyle.

Should you require further information, kindly contact

The Person In Charge of this campaign :

Position : Executive
Name : Ms. Nursyahida Binti Mohd Ramli
Mobile : via WhatsApp
Email : nursyahida@mgtc.gov.my

We are really excited to see you joining in this campaign!

Thank you and best regards.