Green Technology Tax Incentive Budget 2019 Announcement

In the Budget 2019, the Government has announced that:

“Additionally, to promote the use of green technology, the Government will expand the list of green assets which qualifies for the Green Technology Investment Allowance (GITA) from 9 assets to 40 assets which will be listed in the MyHIJAU Directory.”

List of 40 Assets

No. Sector/Area TechnologyProduct
1. Energy Efficiency ChillerEnergy Efficient Chiller
2.Heat Operated Air ConditionersHigh Efficiency Absorption and Adsorption Air Conditioner
3.Cooling TowerHigh Efficiency Cooling Tower
4.Air CompressorHigh Efficiency Air Compressor
5.Industrial FurnacesEnergy Efficient Industrial Furnace
6.Cogeneration SystemCogeneration System
7.Renewable EnergySolar ThermalSolar Thermal System and Collector
8.Biomass- Combustion/ Gasification/ Combined Heat PowerBiomass Gasification Furnace/Combustion Chamber
9.Biomass Gas Engine
10.Biomass Reciprocating Engine
11.Biomass Combustion/Gas Turbine
12.Biomass Steam Turbine
13.Biomass Oil Recovery System
14.Biomass Fuel Preparation System (Press & Shredding Machine)
15.Biomass Fuel Feeding System (Rotary Drum/Conveyor Belt/Screw Conveyor)
16.Biomass- Combustion/ Gasification/ Combined Heat PowerBiomass Heat Recovery System Generator
17.Condensing Biomass Boiler
18.Mini HydroHydro Turbine
19.Mini Hydro Generator
20.Hydro Pump and Motor
21.Penstock (Pipe/Tunnel)
22.BiogasBiogas Pre-treatment System/Biogas Purifying System/Biogas Scrubber System
23.Biogas Dewatering System
24.Biogas Digestion System (Covered Lagoon/Digester Tank/Gas Well)
25.Biogas Analyser
26.Energy StorageBattery
27.BuildingEnergy Management SystemBuilding Energy Management System
28.Single or Double Glazing Windows
29.Heat BarrierLow Radiation Window Curtain System
30.Office Equipment Efficient Server System
31.Energy Saving LightingLED & Energy Saving Lighting
32.Waste Waste Recycling/ RecoveryEnergy Efficient Baler
33.Plastic Recycling Machine
34.Magnetic Separator
35.Waste TreatmentComposting Equipment
36.Energy Efficient Incinerator
37.Waste DisposalEnergy Efficient Landfill Compactor
38.Methane Gas Recovery System
39.Waste CollectionTrash Compactor with Energy Efficient Motor
40.WaterWater PumpEnergy Efficient Water Pump

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