Join the MyHIJAU Movement!

Meet the Greenions! Bamboo, Coral and Vera! Here to make Malaysia sustainable, cleaner and greener!

MyHIJAU Movement is challenge for consumers to be aware of the Malaysian Government’s initiatives in organizing green activities, MyHIJAU Mark and to urge consumers to participate in the green movement!

Meet our Greenions – Bamboo

If there’s one thing you can say about Bamboo, it’s that he may bend, but he’ll never break – the rules, that is. In fact, he’s a stickler for doing things by the book, because it’s irresponsible people breaking the rules that that dislodged him from his base – and away from his family of shoots. Now, as the moral backbone of the Greenions, he fights to uphold environmental justice wherever he goes.

Meet our Greenions – Coral

Coral loves all and serves all; and yet she’s constantly abused and threatened by development, over-fishing and pollution. But still, she looks after her Greenion friends, ensuring they’re kept away from harm, and her motherly nature helps nurture life for the benefit of all.

Meet our Greenions – Vera

Thorny on the outside, soothing on the inside, fabulous all over; that’s Vera in a nutshell. Her looks stop people in their tracks, which makes it easier for her to get noticed so she can spread the word on going green. But don’t get on her thorny side; she loathes litterbug, frowns on deforestation and get prickly about pollution.

For more information you can review the video below.