MyHIJAU Mark refers to a recognition programme overseen by GreenTech Malaysia for products adopting Green Technology or for companies providing Green Technology services. Through this programme, a product can be registered as a MyHIJAU Mark Product or Services, if it has complied with the criteria, and has been verified and approved by GreenTech Malaysia.

Any products that certified with standard issued by a recognized verification body can apply for MyHIJAU Mark.

Any service that produce the following green results can apply for MyHIJAU Mark:
a) Minimise the degradation of the environment or reduce greenhouse emission;
b) Promotes health and improvement of environment;
c) Conserves the use of energy, water and/or other forms of natural resources or promote the use of renewable energy or able to recycle waste material resources.
The service must be carried out by a competent person and GT processes.

Malaysian suppliers and service providers with products and/or services available in the Malaysian market can apply for the mark. Retailers can also apply for products placed on the market under their own brand name.

It is a platform for manufacturers and resellers to promote their green products and services to consumers. Products and services listed exemplify quality living, better environment, energy efficiency and a safe and healthy environment.

Company that registered with MyHIJAU Mark Service shall be eligible to benefit from the Tax exemption of statutory income for five years.

For MyHIJAU Mark Product, a fee of RM500 will be charged per certificate applied, and is to be paid when submitting the application form. Multiple products within a single green certification can be registered in a single submission. For application with certificate validity less than 4 months shall not qualify for registration.

For MyHIJAU Mark Service, a fee of RM1,000 will be charged per services submission, and is to be paid when submitting the application form. Multiple services can be registered in a single submission.

You may proposed for the standard to be included in the MyHIJAU Mark Standard List.

List of MyHIJAU Mark Products and Services are available online at

MyHIJAU Mark for Product is given to product which receive a certification by a competent verification body.

MyHIJAU Mark for Service is for approved green service that been carried out by a competent person through GT processes. Applicant for MyHIJAU Mark for Service must demonstrate at least 1 personnel at supervisor level must either register with a Professional body.

Products or service registered MyHIJAU Mark carry the mark either printed on the product or the packaging or on the promotional material. Each product shall be given a unique serial number as identification.

MyHIJAU Mark represents a collective of different eco labels standards available in the world and verified by GreenTech Malaysia. Too many labels could confuse consumer. Thus by having one common logo it is easier for the consumer to identify green product available in the Malaysian market.

The MyHIJAU Mark is a guarantee to consumers that the product they are considering for purchase has a lower environmental impact in comparison to similar products on the market. By buying MyHIJAU Mark product, consumers are making a commitment to the future of the environment. This is because products have to follow tough criteria before they receive the MyHIJAU Mark. By buying these products, you may also encourage other producers and retailers to offer green products.

To obtained MyHIJAU Mark, a supplier must ensure that a product must be certified by the recognised third party verification body as per listed here. For product standard that is not listed in the list, producer can contact the MyHIJAU Mark team.

MyHIJAU Mark is valid for 3 years or expiry of the third party certificate issued by a third party or whichever earlier.

No. MyHIJAU Mark is a National initiative to help local suppliers and service providers to promote your green products or services in Malaysia. In addition, this program support the implementation of GT Tax incentive by identifying products or services that are eligible for the tax.

Upon complete document submission, GreenTech Malaysia shall take 5 working days to process the application before the certificate can be issued to the producer or product owner or service provider.