Bio Eneco Sdn. Bhd.

Biomass Fuel Energy Producer


BIO ENECO™ was established in 2011 with the mandate to produce renewable and sustainable biomass products. BIO ENECO™’s founder shared a common passion and goal to build a business that would emphasise on green technology. BIO ENECO™ aims to be a role model to reduce global dependency on traditional fossil fuels. Year by year, BIO ENECO™ solidified its foundation by building its departments, procuring supplies from various suppliers and obtaining certification of BIO ENECO™’s products.

Over the decade, BIO ENECO™ has successfully positioned itself to be a major developer, manufacturer and supplier of premium grade biomass products in South East Asia. Considerable effort and resources have been put into the research and development of BIO ENECO™’s products. BIO ENECO™’s products meet the specifications of its customers from East Asia to European continent and are regularly sent to independent certification bodies for quality control and assurance, to ensure that BIO ENECO™’s products are viable for continuous exports. Moreover, BIO ENECO™ has a team to monitor the updates of global policies on carbon emission and environmental regulations.


Not all products are created equally. BIO ENECO™ takes pride and responsibility to source and produce the very best products to meet the most stringent quality that BIO ENECO™’s customers demand. BIO ENECO™ biomass products cater to different categories of boilers and furnaces, each with a specific requirement. Below is the list of the primary biomass products from BIO ENECO™:

Wood Chips

BIO ENECO™’s wood chips are all PEFC ( Programme of Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified. BIO ENECO™ only sources from suppliers who can meet the requirements and conduct regular audits to ensure compliance. Moisture level and size of wood chips are customised as per the contract with BIO ENECO™’s customers. BIO ENECO™’s wood chips are primarily used as biofuels but also suitable for use for residential heating, gardening & barbeque stoves.

– PEFC Certified

– Sustainably Sourced

– Multi-Purpose Usage

Wood Pellets

Just as the same to its wood chips, BIO ENECO™’s wood pellets are PEFC certified. Raw materials used will affect the chemical properties and calorific values, hence, BIO ENECO™ custom makes its wood pellets as per specification from its customers. Storage facilities of BIO ENECO™’s wood pellets are carefully controlled to avoid contact with moisture and any source of liquid. Presently, BIO ENECO™’s customers from South East Asia are its primary purchaser of its wood pellets, but its quality and standard meets the requirements of any other developed countries.

– 100% Organic

– PEFC Certified

– Locally Produced

– High Quality Tropical Woods

Palm Kernel Shells 20 (PKS 20)

As the second largest producer of palm oil in the world, Malaysia is naturally blessed with the abundance of palm oil by-products. One of which is palm kernel shells, which is highly sought after as it is more durable and has a higher calorific value compared to other biomass fuel. BIO ENECO™’s PKS 20 are carefully filtered to remove foreign materials and rotary dry roast to achieve moisture level of around 20%. 

– Abundant Supply in Malaysia

– Low Ash

– Durable (Long Storage Lifespan)

– Suitable for Industrial Boilers/Furnaces

Palm Kernel Shells 14 (PKS 14)

The dichotomy between PKS 20 and PKS 14 is that the latter involves more processing and treatment. It has lower moisture level, lower ash volume, lower sulfur volume, less foreign material and higher calorific value when compared to PKS 20. PKS 14 is one of the most efficient forms of biofuel for boilers and furnaces as it produces a high level of energy while contributes less carbon dioxide emission.

– Lower Moisture Level Than PKS20

– High Calorific Values

– Cleaner Alternative To Fossil Fuel

– Suitable for Power Plant


Through years of dedicated research and development, BIO ENECO™ is proud to have developed its proprietary product by the name of X-GLOZ. It is a biomass fuel pellet additive that complements biomass combustion and boosts calorific value by up to 20%. A mix ratio of only around 1.5kg of X-GLOZ to 1 metric ton of biomass to produce the needed to raise the calorific value. It is purely organic, safe to handle and is environmentally friendly.

-Exclusive Product of BIO ENECO™

-Gross Calorific Value increases up to 20%


-Increases Density & Strength


BIO ENECO™ is committed to adhering to the highest industry standards to instill confidence to its customers and stakeholders. Whether it is testing of BIO ENECO™’s products or compliance with international policies, BIO ENECO™ is dedicated to adopting the utmost procedures to fulfill its contracts. BIO ENECO™ plans for the future and executes in accordance with the law. BIO ENECO™ understands that long-term confidence can only be achieved with integrity and consistency.

Corporate social responsibility is highly prioritised in BIO ENECO™’s business and action plans. BIO ENECO™ collaborates with various government bodies, government linked organisations, professional associations and internationally recognized companies that provide inspection, verification, testing and certification services.

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