MyHIJAU Pavilion 2019 @ IGEM 2019

We are glad to inform that we have successfully conducted MyHIJAU Pavilion 2019 during the International GreenTech & ECO Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM) 2019 in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia from 9th till 11th October 2019. We would like to thanks all the sponsor in order to make this Pavilion is a success! Thank you for the effort!

MyHIJAU Pavilion Introduction


❑ To promote MyHIJAU Mark registered companies and other green companies that exhibit their products, services, projects and technologies to the users and visitors

❑ To introduce government initiatives in green technology development

❑ To provide consultancy services and business collaboration with the ministries, agencies, GLCs, state governments, local authorities and private sector


The Pavilion are designed to be as a green product/service’s showcase style by Sponsor companies with modern sustainability lifestyle-focused look and feel, giving visitors the opportunity to touch, feel and interact with green products, while also educating them about the new and innovative green offerings and technologies offered by sponsor companies. The theme chosen to be portrayed as “Accelerating the growth of Green Products & Services.


The vision is to highlight that MyHIJAU does not operate as a Recognition scheme alone and only as online directory, but it is a unifying platform that brings together, individuals, businesses and government bodies to work together in providing a conducive environment for Green Technology development.


In addition, we have held several activities at the Pavilion itself, for which we have invited relevant partners, stakeholders, and the media to attend. The activities are as listed below:

❑ Networking sessions among our Corporate/Government Stakeholders and Sponsors Companies

❑ Visits by YB Minister, YB KSU and GreenTech Malaysia ACEO

❑ Biz Talk from the participating companies

❑ Pocket Talk @ Hall 5 Pocket Talk Area

Some of the Pavilion panels also highlight the achievements accomplished to date, which includes:

❑ No. of products and services registered under MyHIJAU Mark

❑ No. of companies registered under MyHIJAU Mark

❑ No. of application approved under the MyHIJAU Mark

❑ Number of GGP criteria developed for green products and services

MyHIJAU Pavilion Overall Image

Below we have enclosed some of the Pavilion images.

MyHIJAU Pavilion Advertisement

We have published an advertisement page in the New Straits Time (NST) on 8th October 2019 (Tuesday), a day before the event day to highlight on MyHIJAU Pavilion @ IGEM 2019. In the page, we have highlighted on the sponsors that really support us on this effort. Below is the published advert (Designer File) and the link below is the actual Advertisement page published.

Highlight of the Pavilion

Visit by VIPs

During the event, we have received visit from YB Minister, YB Puan Yeo Bee Yin (Day 2), KSU; YBhg. Datuk Seri Dr. Mohd Azhar Hj Yahaya (Day 3) and GreenTech Malaysia ACEO; Tn. Syed Ahmad Syed Mustafa (Day 3). We are really honored to have visited our pavilion. Below are some images:

Biz Talk Session @ MyHIJAU Pavilion

In conjunction with this pavilion, we have conducted Biz Talk Session (Day 1, 2 and 3) for the pavilion sponsors companies to brief on their green product / services. For the participants it comes from the sponsor companies invitation together with our side invitation within our contact. We have also shared flyers on the day of the event (Day 1, 2 and 3). Enclosed is the posters which shows the details of the session:

Pocket Talk Session

At the same time we have arranged few Pocket Talk slots at the Hall 5 Pocket Talk area during this IGEM 2019 for Title and Platinum Sponsor companies. Not to miss the chances, we have also arranged slots for MyHIJAU Mark, Green Incentives (GITA/GITE) and GTFS 2.0 talks. The details are as below:

Sponsor Details

MyHIJAU Pavilion become a successful program is because of the sponsor that we have on board. They really give full support and commitment to make sure it success. Below are the list of the companies logo:

This image is a poster that being published as Slider Image at MyHIJAU Mark Website Slider section from end of October 2019 till 3rd March 2020.

Commitment for 2020 event?

Due to the success on the 1st MyHIJAU Pavilion and we have received positive response on it, we would like to open for booking for companies that are interested to commit to participate in next year MyHIJAU Pavilion @ iGEM 2020. Please submit your interest via email to stating the interest to participate and provide us the contact person whom can liaise with.