MyHIJAU Pavilion 2019 @ IGEM 2019

We are glade to inform that we have conducted MyHIJAU Pavilion 2019 during International GreenTech & ECO Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM) 2019 in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia with several activities here.

Biz Talk Session @ MyHIJAU Pavilion

In conjunction with this pavilion, we have conducted Biz Talk Session for the companies that sponsors this Pavilion. The details of the session will be as follows:

Pocket Talk Session

At the same time we have arranged few Pocket Talk slots at Pocket Talk Hall 5 during this IGEM 2019 for the Title and Platinum sponsor companies. Not to miss the chances, we have also arranged slots for MyHIJAU Mark, Green Incentives (GITA/GITE) and GTFS 2.0 talks. The details are as below:

Advertisement in New Straits Time (NST)

We have published an advertisement in the New Straits Time (NST) to highlight on this MyHIJAU Pavilion @ IGEM 2019. We also highlighted on the sponsors that really support us on this effort. Below is the published advert (Designer File) and the link below is the actual Advertisement page published.