Reduction of GST from 6 to 0%

Notification on Reduction of Good & Service Tax (GST) Rate from 6% to 0%.

As you are aware, the new Government of Malaysia via its Ministry of Finance (MOF) has issued a statement to reduce the current GST rate from 6% to 0% effective 1st June 2018 onwards.

Pursuant to the above, kindly be notified that our tax invoices will reflect 0% GST on both of the MyHIJAU Mark Product and Service application tax invoices effective from 1st June 2018 onwards. Only new applications will reflect this changes.

However the amount payable will be remaining same as previous as described below:

MyHIJAU Mark Product Application;

Before: RM471.70 + RM28.30 (6% GST) = RM500.00

New: RM500.00 + RM0.00 (0%GST) = RM500.00


MyHIJAU Mark Service Application; 

Before: RM934.40 + RM56.60 (6% GST) = RM1,000.00

New: RM1,000.00 + RM0.00 (0%GST) = RM1,000.00


As you can see the charges will remain same, as previously we have absorbed the 6% GST charges without charging extra to our clients!


We are looking towards to serve you the best.

Thank you.